Service Overview

Mansour Paving Australia supply locally sourced products from regions such as New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland & South Australia. Internationally sourced products are imported from across the globe from countries such as Italy, China, Vietnam and India. Designing the most aesthetically pleasing pavement whilst initiating practicality is always a difficult takes, that why we provide design advice and sample palettes to help the client make the right decision.


Pavers are generally manufactured in either masonry or natural stone. They are broken into the following categories; Concrete/Masonry Pavers, Brick Pavers & Natural Stone Pavers. Whilst concrete pavers are made of concrete and brick pavers of clay, natural stone pavers consist of many types of natural stone types. Natural stone types come in a wide variety of colours, density, size, thickness and quality. Natural stone groups are generally known as Granite, Limestone, Marble, Porphyry, Sandstone, Bluestone/Basalt and Slate.

At the current moment Mansour Paving Australia do not own a quarry but over the years we have established working relationships with quarry owners and stone manufacturers which is why we are able to provide competitive rates on all locally and internationally sourced products.