About Us

About Mansour Paving Australia

Mansour Paving Australia was established in 1992 under the guidance of director Mohammad Mansour and Zena Mansour. over the years the company has grown into a well re known service provider and industry leader in the field of paving and civil works.

Within almost 30 years of operations, Mansour Paving Australia have completed a vast range of projects ranging from infrastructure, residential,  commercial and industrial.

As a family based company, we treat our clients as family and at Mansour Paving Australia family always come first. Throughout the years relationships have been formed and upheld with industry leading companies placing their trust and faith in us. 

Mansour Paving Australia in its origin provided mainly paving services but as we continue to grow and develop with the industry we have expanded our capabilities and services in order to deliver complete, stress free, quality guaranteed projects on time and under budget.

Whatever your needs are we have the solution, combined with motivation and passion we can achieve your goals and milestones.

Mansour Paving Australia is on a mission to turn concept into reality no matter what challenges we face. We do the hard work so you can reap the rewards.

As industry leaders, our company vision is to deliver quality public spaces state wide, on time & budget

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the most complete and wholesome experience from start to finish. We aim to establish our brand in the market and push forward our vast range of services and capabilities.

Mansour Paving Australia are ISO accredited under the internal standards for Quality Management, Health & Safety Management & Environmental Management

Our Story

Where it All Began
The Mansours venture out on their own, The husband and wife duo set their focus on working for themselves as they look to build an empire. Starting off with a couple tools, a second hand truck and make shift home office the dream was starting to become a reality.
Steady Growth
By this stage, the business had begun to grow steadily with many small residential projects delivered. This year saw the relocation of the head office from their home to a shop front located in Sydney's south suburb of Bexley.
On the Map
The official birth of Mansour Paving, 2000 was the year Mansour Paving was registered as an official company and the debut of the famous palm tree logo. This would pave the way for future growth and market domination.
The official registration of Mansour Paving as a company provided instant results with Mansour's receiving recognition in the industry from contractors such as Ford Civil, Universal Landscapes, Upper Class Developments and even council authorities in Kuring Gai.
6 years on, a relocation of head office was needed. Mansour Paving had now expanded to 3 full time teams and space was of the essence.
Major recognition. This year was a defining moment for Mansour Paving as they are awarded the Taronga Zoo carpark upgrade, the first of many major contracts to come.
Civil Rights
As the growth continues so do the capabilities and service offerings, 2010 offered Mansour Paving Australia the opportunity to expand into the civil construction industry. The expansion did not go unnoticed with Lane Cove Council and Willoughby City Council giving Mansours the opportunity to showcase their abilities
Mansour Paving Australia's success drove their status right to the top of the charts. With the ability to provide packaged services, it would prove irresistible for major contractors such as Richard Crookes, Kane Constructions, Total Constructions, Hutchinsons and many more.
Road to Success
Mansour Paving Australia are awarded the first major civil streetscape contract consisting of footpath, kerb & gutter, road way and stormwater construction as well as landscaping and street furniture. This laid the very foundation for what is yet to follow.
All Aboard
Now widely recognised as industry leaders, it was time for Mansour Paving Australia to take the next step. The Sydney Light Rail project initiated by the NSW government was the golden ticket for the ultimate recognition. Over 30,000m2 of paving awarded and laid during the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.
Industry Leaders
The rapid growth in recent times has Mansour Paving Australia operating 12 paving teams and 4 civil teams full time. With repeat clientele relationships maintained and new relationships formed with heavy hitters such as Mirvac & Deicorp, the possibilities are endless from here.
Out with the old and in with the new, it was time to part ways with the original logo and old ways. This year we see the revamp of Mansour Paving Australia's marketing program, the goal being to develop a recognisable and unique brand which lives up to its expectations.
A year with so much change and improvement saw the integration of internationally recognised standards into the Mansour Paving Australia operations and processes. A small step into a very promising future.

How We Work

The phase before any construction occurs, this is vital in determining the quality of the delivered product. Within this phase activities such as tender submissions and meetings happen as well as cost saving research, sample analysis and nominated staging and methodologies require to complete the task. 

The importance of such a phase affects the construction of the project essential affecting every aspect of the final product. Mansour Paving Australia have a calculated and measured procedure to ensure all complications are captured early and resolved whilst maintaining competitive submissions to benefit the contractor and the client. 

We dedicate our procurement resources to the client to help better understand the initial vision of the project and what achievements are required, this is provided through constant communication via phone and/or email and meetings.

Upon agreement of contract sum, scope of works and other contractual elements, the transition from pre construction to construction is crucial to setting the quality standard of the final delivered product. The handover process from procurement to construction is done smoothly and effortlessly without the necessity for constant clarification and arguing.
A meet and greet is organised to familiarise ourselves with the construction team and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page, this formalises the commencement of the construction phase. Once the construction begins, continuous commitment to programme and resource dedication is focused on and implemented.
Our experienced and skilled project managers work side by side with the client and their representatives to capture potential issues before they become real issues saving time and money essentially increasing the efficiency of the delivery.

All the hard work and dedication is showcased throughout this phase, this marks the completion of the project and begins the handover process. Final quality inspections are performed to capture any defects missed during the construction stage and rectified, all maintenance documents and manuals are prepared and delivered to the client and a demobilisation of site is completed. 

It is common that the completed project is neglected and often left with outstanding items, but at Mansour Paving Australia we ensure this is not the case. Our dedicated project management team work co efficiently with the client to close out remaining items and best maintain the completed works to increase the life span.